AC 16, Ini +3, Perception DC 14.

Anna Kuzmina (Анна Кузьмина) aka Anoushka


  • Disdain for the corporate world
  • Gets bored easily – adrenalin junkie


Rule-abiding[1-5] Anarchistic (rules are just rules and many are unjust and broken)
               True[4-2] Deceitful (honest by nature but have learned otherwise)
  Empathetic[5-1] Uncaring (people deserve to live their chosen life in fullest)
    Ambitious[3-3] Content (ambition is fine but not at the expense of others)
        Sociable[4-2] Reserved (people are interesting but not all the time)
      Assertive[3-3] Submissive (values team work but will lead if necessary)
          Ascetic[2-4] Indulgent (things are nice but not always important)
             Brave[4-2] Anxious (one can’t do things without risk)
         Careful[4-2] Reckless (sometimes things need to be rushed and opportunity seized)



Russian, English (native), Japanese, Chinese.


  • 0-12: Living as an orphan in the streets of Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai in Russia Far East.

  • 13-17: Illegal immigrant in the U.S.A, Youth gangs.

  • 18-20: Shestyorka (thief) for the Solntsevskaya Bratva syndicate

  • 21-23: Brodyaga (courier) for the Solntsevskaya Bratva syndicate

  • 24-26: Data-runner for the shady Russian megacorp Krylow

  • 27-?: Independent contractor


  • The Bratva is not an unified crime syndicate in a traditional sense but many different groups in a vast network.

  • The largest and one of the oldest one is Solntsevskaya Bratva with over 50.000 members globally but even that has many different fractions all over the world, working individually and only answering to the main organisation in matters of urgency for all.

  • The Bratva in generel is a hard, brutal and highly efficent organisation without many formal or ethically rules primarily differentiating between insiders/outsiders and successes/failures, often but not always along ethnically (slavic) lines.