Hacker Exploits

Comms Blackout

Range: 90ft.
Duration: 1 hr

Using a reaction, you choose a 20ft. square within range. Any comms devices within that 20ft. square are overloaded and shut down for one hour.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. The size of the area affected increases to 40ft.

Computer Interface

Range: 10ft.

When you are within 10ft. of a computer terminal of security rating 3 or below, you may interface with the computer to gain additional information. You may then ask the GM one question that the computer would know.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. When you use this exploit, you can now target computers up to security rating 5.

Create Distraction

Range: 60ft.
Duration: 10 minutes

Using an action, you choose a creature within range. You cause all of their personal devices to send conflicting alerts and emergency messages, distracting them for 10 minutes. Creatures under this effect have disadvantage to Perception for the duration.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. You can select two creatures to target when you use this exploit instead of one.

Exploding Grenade

Range: 60ft.

Using an action, you choose a creature within range that is carrying a grenade. You cause the grenade to explode. The grenade has the normal effect.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. You can now select two creatures to target when you use this exploit.

Hack Mech

Range: 30ft.
Duration: 1hr

Using an action, you choose a mech within range of CR1 or lower. The mech must succeed on a Mind saving throw or become completely controlled by you. While under your control, you may use your action on your turn to control the mech as if it’s body was your own, and it acts on your initiative. If you do not use your action to control it on a turn, the mech does nothing.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. You can now hack up to CR6 mechs.

Overcrowded HUD

Range: 30ft.
Duration: 3 rounds

Using a bonus action, you choose a creature within range. The creature must succeed on a Mind saving throw or their HUD becomes completely overcrowded with ads and pop-ups, rendering them blinded for 3 rounds.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. The range of this exploit increases to 60ft.


Range: 90ft.
Duration: 1hr

Using a bonus action, you choose a creature you can see within range and hack one device or augmentation to track it. Until the exploit ends you gain information about the creature’s vitals, deal an extra 1d6 damage to the target whenever you hit it with a weapon attack, and you always know its location. If the target drops to 0 hit points before this exploit ends, you can use a bonus action on a subsequent turn to track a new creature.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. The damage dealt by this exploit increases to 2d6.

Ping Echo

Range: 90ft.
Using an action, you create three pings that you broadcast into a creature’s neural network. You can send all three to one creature, or target up to three different creatures within range that you can see.
Each Ping deals 1d4+1 psychic damage.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. Your ping echoes increase to five.

White Noise

Range: 30ft.
Duration: 2 rounds

Choose up to 3 creatures within 30ft. of you. Targets must make a Mind saving throw or gain the Deafened condition for 2 rounds.

UPGRADE: At 5th level. The duration of this exploit increases to 1 minute.

Alias (Custom)

Range: Self
Duration: 4 hours

Like having fake ID, alias projects a false digital identity through your neurolink so that the details collected on the grid are tagged and logged to this bogus signature fronted by your botnet.

Since this exploit does not alter your appearance, facial recognition software might reveal the falsehood due to conflicting data associated with your real identity, unless you have somehow disguised yourself.

While alias is running, your real neurolink signature is dormant.

You can construct and store one unique alias for every 2 levels you have in the hacker class.

UPGRADE: At 5th level, your alias lasts for 8 hours. At level 8, the duration becomes 12 hours and at 10th level, 24.

Bolster Neurolink (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 minute

You can increase your neurolink’s ability to resist the exploits directed at you from other hackers.

For the duration of 1 minute, you gain a +4 bonus to you Mind saving throws versus exploits.

UPGRADE: You can direct your botnet to help bolster the neurolinks of up to 3 separate people for one minute.

Censor (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 round

As a Reaction when you, or one other chosen subject within range, is attacked, you can initiate this exploit, the subject will be granted a +5 AC bonus for the next round.

All affected by this hack will only see the subject of this exploit as an indistinct, blurred cloud.

Also, all attempts to use Perception checks to try and visually identify a person protected by this exploit are at disadvantage.

UPGRADE: You can now protect two separate targets within range, with censor at 5th level and for every 2 levels thereafter (at 7th and 9th levels, respectively). Additionally, perception checks made to identify someone are further hampered by a -5 penalty.

Conceal (Custom)

Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour

For one hour, this exploit makes the signatures of your digital presence invisible to the local and regional data nets.

Your neurolink’s various positioning indicators are suppressed and your digital presence cannot be found or followed through the networks (not even by use of the locate and tracking exploits).

Those in the physical world can still see you and network-connected, CCTV surveillance systems might still log your presence using facial recognition software.

Anyone with legal, warranted authority (or other determined hackers) trying to dig up your past whereabouts during that period will know only where and when your neurolink stopped transmitting your location, and the time and place where it was resumed.

UPGRADE: At level 5, and every two additional levels thereafter, you may add one more additional creature to be covered or that you can add one extra hour to your own personal use of conceal, for each of those of those levels (at levels 7 and 9, respectively).

Decoy (Custom)

Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour

This exploit uses one of your botnets to create a digital clone of your neurolink’s positioning indicators into the grid, which you can then virtually send to any assigned location or on some other pre-determined path, as if you were actually traversing that route in the real world.

Anyone tracking you through the net will suddenly see two of you moving about and will have to use other means verify which set of positioning signals is the real you.

If this exploit is also used in conjunction with conceal, then you would be able falsify your true location by misleading digital trackers with your decoy.

UPGRADE: At level 5, and every two additional levels thereafter, you may decoy one more additional creature that is within 30 feet of you or that you can add one extra hour to your own personal decoy, for each of those of those levels.

Detect Tracking (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 hour

When you employ this exploit, any device or augmentation within 30 feet, which has been hacked with the tracking exploit, will be revealed.

You and the tracking hacker must make immediate, opposed Hacker-level checks (1d20 plus Hacker level). If you match or exceed the roll of the tracker, you will see an image of hacker and know their approximate range and direction from you.

This exploit will last for 1 hour or until the detected tracking exploit ends.

UPGRADE: Your range becomes 60 feet and you can elect to create a fixed, 20-square foot area within range instead, which will automatically detect the use of any tracking exploit hacked onto a device or augmentation that passes through this zone.

As long as you are within this detection zone, you will see the image of the tracking hacker and know their range and direction.

If you are beyond the zone, but still within range of your exploit (now 60 feet), you will only be notified that a tracked item has passed through your detection area.

Doppelganger (Custom)

Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour

When you employ this exploit, the digital tells of your neurolink, are altered to appear as those of anyone that you have previously observed by using the recognize exploit.

Alternately, instead of disguising your neurolink’s digital signatures, you can designate another recipient that is within 10 feet of you.

UPGRADE: At 5th level, the duration of this exploit is increased by 1 hour (plus 1 hour each at levels 7 and 9).

Additionally, if you or your target subject is within 20 feet of the creature actually being digitally cloned, you can elect to actually swap their respective signatures, in effect having them trade spaces as far as digital evidence left on the grid is concerned.

As with the decoy exploit, anyone trying to actually verify or discern the validity of either the doppelganger or the original, cloned subject, will have to use other means to do so (such as using an onsite observer, or using CCTV).

Extinguish (Custom)

Range: 120 feet
Duration: 1 round

Choose one object or subject within 120’ of you and you automatically end any regular level exploit affecting it. If you target another hacker currently operating an exploit, then it is turned off. If you have a higher initiative than another hacker, then you can use this exploit as a reaction to stop them from being able to activate an exploit for the rest of this round.

UPGRADE: You can now affect upgraded exploits (though not expert exploits).

Feedback (Custom)

Range: Self (15-foot cone)

You can direct an electrical feedback discharge attack to all neurolinks in a cone starting from you. Everyone affected is dealt 3d6 psychic damage (half that, on a successful Mind saving throw).

UPGRADE: Your Feedback attacks now deal an extra 2d6 damage at 5th level, and a extra 1d6 for every two levels you have above 5th (at 7th and 9th levels, respectively).

Friendly Charm (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 hour

You flood a target’s neurolink with many layers of subliminal sensory stimulation designed to instil unconscious feelings of trust and amicability  owards you.

The target creature must make a Mind saving throw, and does so with advantage if you or your companions are fighting it.

If it fails the saving throw, it finds you likeable until the duration of 1 hour ends, or until you or your companions do anything harmful to it.

During this time, the target regards you as a friendly acquaintance.

If it makes its saving throw, or when the exploit ends, the creature knows of the deception.

UPGRADE: At level 5, and every two additional levels thereafter, you may add one more additional creature to be covered or that you can add one extra hour to your own personal use of friendly charm, for each of those of those levels.

Hacker’s Edge (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: Next hacking action

This exploit assigns a botnet to the task of assisting the hacker, granting them with advantage with one hack roll. The benefits of a previously executed, but unused, hacker’s edge exploit disappear once a character has completed a long rest.

UPGRADE: The improved Hacker’s Edge also gives the hacker a +5 on their hacking roll.

Imperceptible (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: Up to 1 hour

You use your botnet to scrub the image of one designated creature by having your botnet manipulate the HUD of onlookers in real time, filling the subject’s deleted form with computer-generated imagery matching the background.

This effectively makes the creature invisible for the duration. If the subject of imperceptible attacks another creature, then your exploit ends.

UPGRADE: At 5th level, and every 2 levels after that, you can target one additional creature with the abilities of this exploit (at 7th and 9th levels, respectively).

Lie Detection (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: 10 minutes

Pick one target within 30 feet of you and you will be able to determine if they are telling you the truth with their statements for the next 10 minutes.

The target must make a successful Mind savings throw to become aware of the exploit’s use and my attempt to avoid answering questions or offer evasive responses that remain within the bounds of the truth.

Once this exploit has been enacted, it will follow the target and report back the authenticity of their statements; whether or not you are able to hear, and/or otherwise follow, the dialog engaged in by the monitored subject.

UPGRADE: You can designate an area measuring a 15-foot-radius sphere that monitors the neurolink vital signs of all subjects within this zone to determine if anyone is lying within this area.

Locate (Custom)

Range: Self
Duration: 10 minutes

Any specific object that you are familiar with (something that you must have been within 30’ of, at least once, and that you can name or describe), can be sought out by one of your botnets when you use this exploit. If this named item is within 1000’ of your location, you will know its direction from you and, if it is moving, the direction it is moving in.

Alternately, you can use this exploit to find the nearest particular kind of object you are looking for (such as a pocket comp, vehicle, weapon, or first aid kit).

UPGRADE: Your range expands to 1500’ and you will also know the distance, to within five feet, of its position from you.

Lockout (Custom)

Range: 10 feet
Duration: Until cancelled (or extinguished)

Pick any electronic lock (door, container, or set of restraints), of security level 4 or less, that you have already disengaged, and your botnet overrides its security protocols reprogramming it for exclusive access by you, and those whom you designate, for as long as this exploit is active.

Lockout can be maintained indefinitely, but for as long as it is sustained, you will have 1 few botnet uses available to you.

Also, you may use other botnets to run additional lockout exploits (though every additional Lockout applied reduces your daily available uses).

Use of the Open Sesame exploit on an electronic lock with this exploit will suppress its effects for 10 minutes; though such locks still have a +10 difficulty difficult to hack during this time.

UPGRADE: This exploit unlocks electronic locks of level 6 or less and boosts your hacking of lockout -warded locks with a +5 bonus.

Message (Custom)

Range: 120 feet
Duration: 1 round

You can craft any text message of up to 144 characters and send it to any character within 120’ who will see it within their field of view using the same neurolink mechanics employed by corporate advertisements.

The receiver is likewise able to compose a reply text of equal size to send back to the hacker employing this exploit.

This message exploit does not use a neurolink’s normal messaging and email formats, making its concealed and encrypted content nearly impossible to detect in real time or dig up on the server logs of any grid access provider.

Three DC 30 Hacking checks are required in order to detect, trace and decode the content of the message.

UPGRADE: Your range becomes 240’ and allows a total message character size of 288 characters.

Alternately, you can simultaneously compose two separate, 120 character messages (and receive a 144 character reply back from each), which can be sent to different target’s, each within 120’ of you.

Obscure (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 hour

When you employ this exploit, the digital tells of your neurolink, and those of up to 5 other creatures, are made more difficult to find on the grid. Anyone trying to dig up details about your activities using the hacking skill is at disadvantage during the period of this exploit’s use.

UPGRADE: At 5th level, the duration for obscure is increased by one hour. Additionally, every 2 levels thereafter increases this another hour (at levels 7 and 9, respectively).

You can opt to drop one or more of these extra hours of coverage to obscure two additional creatures.

Open Sesame (Custom)

Range: 10 feet

This exploit will automatically disengage the electronic lock on any one door, container, or set of restraints, of security level 4 or less. If the lock targeted is of a higher security level, then you gain advantage when attempting to hack it. Using this exploit on a lock guarded by lockout suppresses its protection for 10 minutes (though you will still have to use the hacking skill to crack its security; though it is still buffered with a +10 difficulty).

UPGRADE: This exploit unlocks electronic locks of level 6 or less and boosts your hacking of lockout-warded locks with a +5 bonus.

Peeker (Custom)

Range: 100 feet
Duration: 10 minutes

You hack another creature’s Cybereye and gain access to its video recording ability and feed it directly to your HUD.

You see and hear what the target experiences for the next 10 minutes (or until you decide to end its duration).

UPGRADE: Allows you to also have that data recorded to a file on your neurolink for later playback or to share with others.

Recognize (Custom)

Range: 30 feet
Duration: Special

After you have observed one creature within range for 1 minute using this exploit, you can use facial recognition applications accessed by your botnet to identify them.

You have advantage on hacking rolls made to find information about this person on the grid.

Unless you choose to store this profile, it is deleted after you take a long rest.

You may permanently store the digital, neurolink signatures of up to 5 creatures, plus 1 for each of your Technology ability modifier, for later retrieval.

You may swap out any of these later on to in order to store new signature profiles.

UPGRADE: You may attempt to recognize more than one creature when using this exploit. At 5th level you may attempt to identify two creatures.

Every 2 levels thereafter, you may add 1 additional creature with this exploit (at levels 7 and 9, respectively).

Safety Lock (Custom)

Range: 60 feet
Duration: 5 rounds

Pick a target within range and you activate the safety protocols of one of their firearms (or 1 grenade) for 5 rounds.

If the firearm or grenade is held by the target, the target can make a Reflex saving throw to avoid the effect.

During this time their weapon is inoperable.

UPGRADE: Pick 3 firearms/grenades, to shut down (now for a duration of 10 rounds).