House Rules


  • The vast majority of the planet are still home-grown organic human beings born in the traditional way and not tinkered with by science. Someone rolled the dice and what emerged has all the normal virtues and flaws of anyone else born in the previous few million years of human evolution.
  • +2 one Stat, +1 two other Stats.
  • 2 free Skills.
  • 1 free Tool proficiency.
  • Influence +1.
  • English, +1 free language.

Spaceborn Human:

  • Born in the offworld colonies, or to parents from the colonies. The low gravity of the colonies has caused spaceborns to grow unusually tall and lanky compared to people from Earth. Spaceborns has grown up used to the darkness, in a colony far from its solar system’s star, and have sensitive eyes.
  • +2 one Stat, +1 two other Stats.
  • 2 free Skills.
  • 1 free Tool proficiency.
  • Influence +1.
  • English, +1 free language.
  • Darkvision (See in complete darkness 60ft, but no colors).
  • Hindrance: Sensitive Eyes (Get disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception check in direct sunlight).

Nugenic Human:

  • These are genetically altered humans that have had their code tinkered in utero by their parents. Nugenics are still very much human, but many, including themselves, believe them to be of superior stock.
  • +1 all Stats, +1 any Stat.
  • Skills: Bureaucracy and Persuasion.
  • Influence (Corporate) +2.
  • English, +1 free language.

Mutated Human:

  • Either genetically mutated from living for generations in the worst part of the badlands, or mutated in a lab by scientists. They appear deformed, and sometimes showing visual mutations.
  • +2 one Stat, +1 two other Stats.
  • 1 free Skill or Tool proficiency.
  • English, +1 free language.
  • Mutations: Ask GM.
  • Hindrance: Disadvantage on all People skills.


  • You were manufactured by one of the large robotics corporations using a biological body and advanced AI inside a synthetic brain. You are physically indistinguishable from a real human aside from identical bar codes under each eyelid.
  • 5th Generation.
  • +2 Constitution.
  • 1 free Skill or Tool proficiency.
  • English, +1 free language.
  • Biorobotic origin (Blood toxicity limit equal to 3 times constitution modifier, minimum 3).
  • Recharge (Sleep 4 hours to gain 8 hours rest).
  • Darkvision (See in complete darkness 60ft but no colors).
  • Hindrance: Social Stigma.
  • Versions:
  • Type 1 (+2 Strength).
  • Type 2 (+2 Dexterity).
  • Type 3 (+2 Intelligence).
  • Type 4 (+2 Technology).
  • Type 5 (+2 People).


  • Exploits requires a Hacker’s Device or Advanced Comms.
  • Level 1: Gain Proficency and Expertise in Hacking Skills.
  • Level 1: You change Exploits as a part of a Long Rest.
  • Level 6: Removes Universal Training feature.


  • No Archetypes, they gain the following benefits from the old Archetypes, at the given level.
  • Level 3: Trained Wiretapping and Prefered Mark.
  • Level 6: Journalistic Integrity and Can I talk to you for a Minute.
  • Level 9: Dedicated and Killer Instincts.
  • Level 10: Get to the Bottom of This and Expert Shadow.


  • A Term is 3 years, not 5 years.
  • “Injury” rolls, is called “Something happended” rolls.
  • First Term is free, requiring no roll.


Something happended.


Athletics, Intimidate, Stealth, Vehicles (Land), Perception, Streetwise, Deception, Sense Motive.


One of your choice


2d4 x 4 000₩


Gutter Punk
Slave labor


Parting Gift.
1. Vibro Knife
2. Smoke Grenade
3. Flashlight
4. Rope (50 ft.)
5. Backpack
6. Drink Bottle


Retirement Payout.

You belong to a Fringe group, outside or at the edge of established society.



A badlander hails from the outskirts of civilization, in the mostly uninhabited, heavily polluted areas outside of the megacities.

They live in the dusty, dirty, violent wilds, where death and desolation are just parts of everyday life.



Gutter punks are part of an anti-social movement that rejects mainstream society and attempts to emulate their version of the punk movement from centuries past.

They mostly live in slums or abandoned buildings alongside their fellows. Their counter culture ideals put them at odds with most authority figures, making honest work scarce, which in turn makes it hard for them to escape poverty.



A fugitive is always either on the run or in hiding, surviving how it is possible while keeping their heads down.



Corporate owned, either Synth or indebted humans, often sent to work in offworld locations, or in the badlands.

Life as slave labor is useally for life, but sometimes things happens and they get released or escapes, do to revolts or Corporate infighting.


If you have Proficiency in the following Skill, then you automatically also receives the associated Tool Proficiency.

Engineering (Intelligence)

Disarming Kit

Lock Picks

Gambling (Intelligence)

Gambling Set

Medicine (Technology)

First Aid Kit

Computing (Technology)

Forgery Kit

Repair Tools

Hacking (Technology)

Hacker’s Device

Mechanics (Technology)

Repair Tools

Lock Picks

Robotics (Technology) Repair Tools
Performance (People) Disguise Kit


Basic Martial Arts:

  • (Weapon Proficiency swap. Pick any Weapon Proficiency you have access to, except Melee. Example, if your class grants you access to SMG, then you can swap it with Basic Martial Arts.)
  • Minimum base damage: 1d4 Bludgeoning.
  • Features: Finesse.
  • At level 5, damage increases 1 step, 1d4 becomes 1d6.
  • At level 10, damage increases 1 step. 1d6 becomes 1d8.
  • If you have a higher damage dice from origin or another source, then step up the dice accordingly. Example a Cyberarm would do 1d8 at level 5.


Advanced Martial Arts:

  • Requires Basic Martial Arts.
  • (Weapon Proficiency swap. Pick any Weapon Proficiency you have access to, except Melee. Example, if your class grants you access to SMG, then you can swap it with Advanced Martial Arts.)
  • When you use the Attack action on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a Bonus action.


  • Firearms, with the Spray feature, have four firing modes that must be considered: Standard, Burst Fire, and Full Automatic. Switching between firing modes is a free action.
  • When firing the weapon, the firing mode must be declared before any rolls are made. You cannot switch the firing mode midattack.
  • Standard: The most straightforward of all of the firing modes.
    Each attack action taken allows the shooter to discharge once
    per attack action. A standard attack is 1 Shot abd expends 4 bullets if SMG, 3 bullet if Assault Rifle and Auto Shotgun, and 10 bullets if Minigun.
  • Burst Fire: Burst fire are designed to discharge tightly grouped bullets with each trigger pull. On a Attack action, they take a -3 penalty to their to hit roll, but add +3 damage if they hit. A burst fire attack expends 6 bullets.
  • Full Automatic: Full auto continue to fire bullets as long as the trigger is held down. Escaping gasses and high velocities mean that the weapon is prone to buck. On a Attack action, they take a -6 penalty to their to hit roll, but add +6 damage if they hit. A full automatic attack expends 10 bullets.
  • Covering Fire: This full auto variant, is when an area is targeted rather than an individual. In so doing, suppressing an area provides opportunities for mobility or area control. As an action, you can fire randomly into a Cone within the weapon’s normal range. Each creature currently in the area must make a Dexterity save DC 8+Proficency+Attack Modifier, or take damage, roll half the number of damage dice you normally would (rounded down) and add relevant modifiers.. Additionally, any character that starts their turn in the cube or enters the cube must make the same saving throw. The area of the cube is considered difficult terrain. Any target that is in full cover in the area does not need to make the Dexterity save. However, if at any point they are exposed, then they must make the save as if they had just entered the area.
    Using covering fire expends 10 rounds of ammunition

  • Firing Mode Shots Used Attack Damage Other Effect
    Single Shot 1 Shot Standard Standard
    Burst Fire 3 Shots -3 to Hit + 3 Damage
    Full Auto 6 Shots -6 to Hit + 6 Damage
    Covering Fire 6 Shots Reflex save, DC
    8 + Proficency + Attack Modifier
    Half Damage Cone

Instant Death (Combat):

  • Rule replacement:
  • Massive damage can kill you instantly. When damage reduces you to 0 Hit Points and there is damage remaining, you die if the remaining damage equals or exceeds Constitution stat + Level.
  • For example, an level 1 enforcer with Constitution 14 and a maximum of 12 Hit Points currently has 6 Hit Points. If she takes 21 damage from an attack, she is reduced to 0 Hit Points, but 15 damage remains. Because the remaining damage equals 15 (her Constitution stat + level = 14 + 1 = 15), the enforcer dies.
  • This rule is also in effect if damaged while on 0 Hit Point.
  • For example, the enforcer form above is at 0 Hit Point, and receives 15 damage, the enforecer dies.