Session 4

Chow's Request Part II, second half


  • Chinatown, District 5, San Francisco.
  • Stone Nullah Road VR Cafe, Chinatown, Wan Chai Warriors.


  • Jackie Chow, Red Pole in 16K Triad, leader of the Washington Street Boys.
  • Yang Li, Chow’s second in command.
  • Connor Wu, Mechanic in Washington Street Boys.
  • Donny Zhao, Red Pole in 16K Triad, leader of the Wan Chai Warriors.
  • Lu, VR Cafe security. Wan Chai Warriors.
  • Ah, VR Cafe frontdesk. Wan Chai Warriors.
  • Doc Hung, Cyberdoc. Wan Chai Warriors.
  • David Wong, Dragon Head in 16K Triad.


  • Washington Street Boys, one of the largest 16K Tongs in San Francisco.
  • Wan Chai Warriors, smaller 16K Tong, rival.
  • Excelsior Cybertech (EC), Corporation. Industries: Security. Secretly owned by Villeneuve Robotics (VillR).