Pi (π)


AC 15, Ini +2, Perception DC 15.

Pi (π) aka 0021-0314


  • Disdain for corporations.
  • Smoking, stimulants.
  • Tattoos


Rule-abiding[1-5] Anarchistic (Rules have been and are only restrictions enforced by other people, self-reliant following her own path)
               True[3-3] Deceitful (Truly wants to be open and honest but has learned to shield herself out of necessity)
  Empathetic[3-3] Uncaring (Empathetic by nature but has learned to succeed and survive by putting herself first and others second)
    Ambitious[4-2] Content (Determined and wants to succeed as an individual but not at any cost)
        Sociable[3-3] Reserved (Some people are interesting but not all the time)
      Assertive[4-2] Submissive (Self-assured and confident in a cool manner without being too aggressive about it with others)
          Ascetic[2-4] Indulgent (Not into material things as such but needs her stimulants in any form or shape)
             Brave[3-3] Anxious (Willing to put herself at risk if forced)
         Careful[4-2] Reckless (Doesn’t do stupid shit but not totally risk averse)



Farsi, English (native), Spanish.


Ain’t got no mother.
Ain’t got no father.
Ain’t got no rights, I got ©orphaned.

Orphaned and adopted as a newborn in the year 2062 by the Astero Corporation with the designation 0021-0314, her thought patterns tested extremely suitable for working in tandem with computers at almost prodigy level.
As such, she was augmented with state-of-the-art neurolink, enhanced HUD and implanted advanced comms in addition to being marked as corporate property with a visable and permanent DNA imprinted identity bar code on her neck above her neurolink interface plugs.

Growing up she proved curious and resourceful but difficult to control.
Behavioral regulation, correction and punishment proved more and more ineffective and she became disobedient and outright rebellious going into adolescence until the corporation decided to terminate her following a final cost-benefit analysis.

Somehow she survived the termination process and woke up naked, severely burned and alone in a waste dump for medical supplies outside Los Angeles.
Traumatized and with partial memory loss she still survived in the slum and thrived as an unregistered gutter punk and gifted hacker-for-hire.

She soon caught the eye of the local gangs affiliated with the Los Diablos syndicate and was hired.
Though valued and working her way up in the hierarchy completing one term, she again had trouble conforming to the rules and finally lost her good standing when she grossed the line and had to flee city to San Francisco.

Unfortunately the affiliation there caught her and threw her in the trunk of a car to be brought to the local boss for questioning and final punishment.

Now awake but still in the trunk, she hears heavy gunfire, lots of yelling and people running towards the car and she decides to kick the hood of the trunk hoping to be freed…